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Phone with launched YouTube in the hand

The constant support of users, updates, and experiments - YouTube is always on the endless path of improvement, which is why its leadership among video services is undisputed

The developers of YouTube announced a few days ago that they are launching a new experimental song recognition feature, as in all the well-known Shazam. The ability to search for songs means humming or recording a song for 3 seconds to identify the song. Just switch from the voice search to the search for a new song and if the piece is found, you will be taken to the music content of the video or short clip with the song you are looking for. This experience applies to a small percentage of people who use Android. If you see that your YouTube interface has changed and is different from the interface of those around you, then you have most likely become a participant in new experiments from the YouTube team.

Frankly, I tried several times to sing a song to Shazam, but the results could have been better - Shazam could not find the songs I sang. Maybe I'm a terrible singer, but I want to try it now on YouTube.