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Keyart fo Paper Trail game

Photo: Newfangled Games

Dive into the enchanting 2D papercraft world of Paper Trail, a unique puzzle adventure game by Newfangled Games, set to launch on 21 May 2024. In this game, players will follow Paige, an aspiring academic, through levels creatively constructed entirely from paper, engaging with puzzles that involve folding and tearing the paper environment to progress. Along the journey, players will encounter a cast of characters that add depth to Paige’s story, making for a rich, interactive experience. Paper Trail stands out with its distinctive aesthetic, drawing inspiration from printmaking and watercolor, and is brought to life by the BAFTA award-winning creators known for their critically acclaimed game, Hue, and a portfolio of over 38 prestigious awards.

This top-down adventure not only offers a captivating narrative but also introduces players to a beautifully intricate world, where the art of paper folding and tearing opens up new paths and gameplay possibilities. As Paige embarks on her journey to start university, she navigates through challenges and family dynamics, with each character met along the way adding to the engaging storyline. Paper Trail’s visual and gameplay will be available on various platforms, including PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and the Netflix mobile app.