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VITURE Pro XR Key Features
Connection Details
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VITURE Pro XR Pros & Cons
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Main Points
  • The VITURE Pro XR glasses boast exceptional tech specs, including an UltraClarity™ Display with a 135-inch Full HD screen at 120Hz and enhanced electrochromic film for easy dimming, ensuring a tailored and comfortable viewing experience.
  • VITURE's Pro XR glasses excel in connectivity, easily linking to devices with a Type-C video output
  • The VITURE Pro XR glasses serve diverse users: gamers, content creators, professionals, educators, and co-op VR experiences for entertainment enthusiasts.

We've repeatedly discussed XR glasses, and while the topic may not be new, the release of new devices still generates significant interest, akin to the excitement around top-of-the-line smartphones. It is incorrect to call it a niche market since the XR (also AR and VR) glasses sector is expanding rapidly and is projected to reach $18.58 billion by 2024. Thus, virtual glasses have earned their place in the spotlight.

Let's start with why we combined XR, AR, and VR. Extended Reality (XR) encompasses a range of immersive technologies, including Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR), which blend physical and virtual worlds. XR applications span from gaming and virtual tours to advanced training simulations and data visualization. These applications use head-mounted displays, motion tracking, haptics, and spatial audio to enhance the user experience. The benefits of XR include enhanced learning, improved collaboration, and innovative marketing. However, challenges such as high costs, technical limitations, user comfort, and content development persist.

The most innovative XR device - Apple Vision Pro, integrates both AR and VR capabilities, offering immersive experiences by allowing interaction with virtual objects overlaid in the real world or full immersion in virtual environments. This makes it a versatile tool for entertainment, productivity, and education. But the most popular is, of course, the VR glasses from Meta, formerly known as Oculus Quest, and now branded as Meta Quest and provide standalone immersive virtual reality experiences. Today's best seller is unbeatable, but it's not the only one worth noting. We've already highlighted the triumphs of X-Real, which led to the release of the Xreal Air 2 Ultra. And now, we are excited to discuss the latest release from a leading company in mixed reality technology: the VITURE Pro XR glasses. This advanced XR headset, launched a month ago, combines numerous features, and we are pleased to share our insights about it.

VITURE Pro XR Key front image

VITURE Pro XR Key Features

  • UltraClarity™ Display: With a fully enclosed 135-inch Full HD display and a 120Hz refresh rate, the VITURE Pro XR glasses offer enhanced clarity and increased (over its predecessor, the VITURE One XR) to 4,000 nits brightness.
  • Myopia Adjustment: The first and only XR glasses with a myopia adjustment up to -5.0D on the latest Sony micro OLED panel, providing tailored image clarity.
  • Enhanced Electrochromic Film: This feature allows you to activate the glasses' dimming with a single touch, blocking up to 99.5% of external light for comfortable use in any lighting conditions.
  • UltraFreedom™: Ensures absolute privacy with no visible content on the external lenses and enhanced stereo sound co-created with HARMAN.
  • SGS A+ Certification: The VITURE Pro XR glasses are SGS A+ certified for eye care, confirming their safety and minimal eye strain.
  • Powerful Software: Compatible with a wide range of devices and equipped with the exclusive SpaceWalker app to unlock additional features and enhance performance.
Vituro Pro X specs photo 1

Connection Details

It is also worth noting that the VITURE Pro XR can be connected out of the box to almost any device with a Type-C port that outputs video. However, the glasses do not have their own battery and will start draining the battery of the connected device. Here is a non-exhaustive list of devices to which the VITURE Pro XR will connect without problems in its initial state:

  1. Smartphones:
  • Most recent flagship Android smartphones from brands like Samsung, Google, OnePlus, etc. that have USB-C ports supporting video output.
  • Recent iPhone models (iPhone 15 series and later) via a Lightning to USB-C adapter)
  1. Laptops:
  • MacBooks (2015 or later models)
  • Windows laptops with USB-C ports supporting DisplayPort Alt Mode or Thunderbolt 4
  1. Tablets:
  • iPad Pro 11-inch and 12.9-inch (3rd generation and later)
  • iPad Air (4th generation and later)
  • iPad mini (6th generation)
  • Android Tablets
  1. Handheld Gaming Consoles:
  • Steam Deck
  • ROG Ally
  • GPD Win 4 and other USB-C-enabled handheld gaming devices
  1. VITURE Devices for more connection features:
  • VITURE Neckband
  • VITURE Pro Mobile Dock Station
Vituro Pro X features description

Utilizing software will facilitate easier access. The SpaceWalker app, specifically designed for Android and iOS devices, allows you to unlock the full potential of your VITURE XR Glasses. With SpaceWalker, you can enjoy advanced features such as multi-screen functionality, 3D and VR video playback, and Video Detector (1-Click 3D) on your Android phone. This app ensures seamless connectivity between your device and the XR glasses, offering an immersive XR experience with features like trackpad controls, mini-apps, and more.

VITURE Additional Devices

With a variety of devices that can connect, it’s no surprise (or maybe it is) that VITURE has carefully ensured modern gadget compatibility. However, to use this feature, you’ll need to shell out a bit more and buy additional gear, like a neckband or a mobile dock station.

The VITURE Neckband is a versatile accessory designed to complement the VITURE XR glasses. It features an Android-based operating system and various connectivity options, enabling users to stream games, and videos, and access numerous apps directly on the glasses. The Neckband connects to the XR glasses via a magnetic cable, delivering power and running the Android OS. This configuration supports remote play capabilities with gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox, in addition to cloud gaming services and there is no necessity to carry additional cables in your pocket.

Viture Pro Cloud Pack product card

VITURE Pro Cloud Pack

Pro Cloud Pack: XR Glasses & Neckband Bundle, Remote Play, Compatible with Playstation/Xbox/PC Games, Official Partner of PSPlay & XBXPlay, Seamless Streaming, Cloud Gaming

Check the price

The VITURE Pro Mobile Dock Station is a versatile solution designed to enhance connectivity options for the VITURE Pro XR glasses. It enables users to connect various devices, including gaming consoles, PCs, and smart TVs, to the glasses and facilitates charging while in use. The dock is a must-have for Nintendo Switch users, providing a superior virtual screen. Additionally, the dock offers full HDMI compatibility for computers, game consoles, and TV sticks.

The Pro Mobile Dock also functions as a 13,000mAh/20W power bank, offering up to 8 hours of extra playtime for the Nintendo Switch or up to 3 hours for the Steam Deck. It can charge three devices simultaneously via its three USB-C ports. Users can also connect two VITURE Pro XR (or One) glasses to the same device, enabling local co-op gaming or shared movie watching.

One more additional device is the VITURE Bluetooth controller, developed with the help of 8BitDo for games on both Nintendo Switch and Android. This is a well-known ULTIMATE C from 8BitDo with a VITURE-style design.

Viture Pro Mobile Dock product card

VITURE Pro Mobile Dock

Pro Mobile Dock, Co-op Stream & Play, Supports 2D/3D Content, Compatible with Switch, Handheld Gaming Consoles, Smartphones, Fire TV, HDMI Devices, for USB-C Display & XR/AR Glasses

Check the price

Vituro Pro X above view

VITURE Pro XR Pros & Cons


  • Compatible with a wide range of devices via the Type-C port.
  • Powerful software to unlock additional features and enhanced performance.
  • Offers privacy with no visible content on the external lenses.
  • Perfect stereo sound.
  • Helps facilitate a variety of uses including gaming, content creation, business applications, and education.
  • Even with all the extra devices bought, it's still pretty cheap compared to Vision Pro


  1. Requires a connected device's power to operate.
  2. This might necessitate additional purchases for full functionality and compatibility.
  3. The high cost might make it out of reach for some potential users.
Viture Pro XR product card

VITURE Pro XR/AR Glasses

Pro XR/AR Glasses — 135" 120Hz Full HD UltraClarity Display, HARMAN Sound, Myopia Adjustments, Electrochromic Film




The VITURE Pro XR offers a portable extended reality (XR) experience. Gamers benefit from a large virtual screen and high refresh rate, while content creators enjoy adjustable displays and spatial audio. Businessmen gain enhanced remote meetings and collaborative work or additional screens for their workstations, and educators can create interactive 3D content. Entertainment enthusiasts can delve into VR movies, games, and virtual explorations, and with Pro Mobile Dock you can get it all in pairs. It provides a seamless XR experience without bulky headsets or complex setups.

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