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Red Tesla at sunset.

Did you know that Tesla doesn't support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto? That's because Tesla develops its own software, which is believed to be superior to what traditional automakers offer. 

TheGeekyThings decided to find out if there is still an opportunity to connect the familiar interface. Instead of prioritizing CarPlay and Android Auto integration, Tesla focuses on providing intuitive, responsive, and feature-rich software. With Tesla, you get a range of phone apps for navigation, Spotify, phone integration, text messaging, karaoke, web browsing, and more. While Tesla doesn't have an extensive app store like Apple and Google, it covers all the common usage scenarios. One of the reasons Tesla doesn't have CarPlay or Android Auto is that these systems would disrupt the unique driver experience Tesla offers. Unlike traditional cars, where CarPlay or Android Auto occupy the middle display, Tesla displays music, navigation, and other apps simultaneously. Tesla's interface is ahead of its competitors, and many Tesla owners find that they don't need additional CarPlay or Android Auto integration. Just over a month ago, Tesla App Updates shared a post that hinted at the potential use of Apple's AirPlay feature in Tesla vehicles. However, there hasn't been any official confirmation of this possibility yet. While some people may desire traditional app functionality on their Tesla screens, the company currently has no plans to add either of these popular car apps in the near future.

Twitter posts with leaks of Tesla App

What solutions do we know today?

Today, there are several options available, unfortunately, they are not perfect, but they deserve attention.

  • Install additional applications
  • using separate devices

App For Android Auto - TeslAA

How to get Android Auto on your Tesla? It's not as seamless as the native option, but it still works pretty well. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Connect your phone to your Tesla via Bluetooth and set the audio source to Bluetooth.
  2. Open the radio application, tap the downward arrow, and choose Bluetooth from the drop-down menu.
  3. Download and install the TeslAA app from the Play Store. It's $5, but totally worth it.
  4. Activate the Wi-Fi hotspot on your phone and tap the Wi-Fi icon on the control screen of your Tesla.
  5. Select your Wi-Fi hotspot from the list and enter the password if required. Tap confirm. Once connected, you won't need to enter the password again.
  6. Finally, launch the Tesla for Android app. The app will ask for permission to record audio taps and set up a VPN network. Just tap okay to initiate Android Auto in the background. You'll also need to enable permissions to appear on top and allow the app to make system changes for the Wi-Fi hotspot toggle. Don't worry, it's all part of the process! You can choose whether you want Tesla for Android Auto to start automatically when connected to your car's Bluetooth. Just select the Bluetooth name used by your Tesla.
  7. To complete the setup, open the browser on your Tesla and visit "". You might want to bookmark this website for quicker access in the future.
  8. Once you've done all that, you can manually tap "Start Service" on the app to initiate Android Auto.

Easy, right? Now you can enjoy all your Android Auto compatible apps and navigate seamlessly through the interface. Just a heads up, if you're using Google Assistant, it will rely on your phone's microphone. So, make sure your phone's mic quality is good for the best experience.
Keep in mind, that this is a workaround, so it might not be perfect. But hey, the system is continuously improving, so give it a shot and enjoy the ride.

Particular devices for Tesla

Just like with apps, to connect a device to Tesla that will help you use the usual CarPlay on the car screen, you need to complete a difficult quest, the reward for which will be justified in the end. We have found several adapters for Tesla Model 3/Y/X/S that have similar connection instructions, except for minor features such as a password. And I show you a simple manual to connecting on the example of two unique adapters:

  • CarlinKit Adapter (manual photo below)
  • Binize Wireless Adapter
Connecting manual
  1. First  - Plug the device then turn on the Hotspot on iPhone.
  2. Search the “Autokit-XXXX” on your iPhone and connect (for the CarlinKit Adapter) or “Aicar--XXXX” for the Binize Wireless Adapter
  3. Connecting Wi-Fi to the adapter with your Tesla. For this, you must open the Wi-Fi of the car, find the device “Autokit-XXXX” (CarlinKit Adapter) or “Aicar--XXXX” (Binize Wireless Adapter), and connect. Use the password "88888888" for CarlinKit and "68686688" to pair the Binize Wireless Adapter. Click the check mark “Remain Connected in Drive”. You should turn on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi of your iPhone, and pair it with the box via Bluetooth "CPhoneXXX" for Binize Wireless Adapter.
  4. Enter for first “” and “” for the second device in your browser, and wireless CarPlay streams to your car successfully.
  5. Enjoy the seamless connection and use Google Maps and other apps. Interact with Apple CarPlay's features, including music and Siri commands.

By the product link, you can find the user manual for connecting Android phones, and it is not more complicated than what I wrote above.

Carlinkit Adapter image

CarlinKit Adapter

CarlinKit T2C 3.0 Tesla Wireless Adapter for Tesla Series Model,Upgrade The Original System to Wireless CarPlay or Wireless Android Auto,fit for iOS 10+/Android 11+,Bluetooth Pairs(No SIM Card Slot)

Approximate Price

Binize Wireless Adapter image

Binize Wireless Adapter

Binize Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Adapter for Tesla Model 3/Y/X/S Cars, Carplay/Android Auto Wireless Dongle for Tesla, EQ/SWC/OTA Update, No SIM Card Needed, for iPhone 8+/Android 11.0+ Phones

Approximate Price


Feedback on the work of previous devices is different, some do not like the way of setting, and some say about freezing during operation, so I found another solution that will satisfy the owners of Tesla Model Y and Model 3. This is a separate screen that does not require abuse of the system browser, and in my opinion today it has become the most convenient solution for using Android Auto and CarPlay.

TESPLUS Tesla Head Up Display

Drive safer by keeping your eyes forward, without the need to turn your head to check the central control screen. The Tesla display screen comes with an anti-blue light effect, ensuring a more comfortable driving experience for your eyes.
This Tesla HUD screen is specifically designed for Tesla Model Y 2019-2022 and Model 3 2017-2022 OEM. It's compatible with Intel Atom and AMD Ryzen CPUs, featuring an ultra-thin 10.25-inch IPS touch HD 1920*720 screen with a high screen ratio and an incredibly narrow frame appearance. It seamlessly integrates into the original car interior, without causing any damage to the structure.
The Tesla head-up display supports iOS wireless CarPlay and wired/wireless Android Auto which was our main subject for today's post. You can control it using three methods: touch screen, mobile phone, and steering wheel. Thanks to voice commands with "Siri" or "Google Assistant," you can easily play music, answer calls, use navigation software, and more. It brings convenience and safety to your journey.
With the Tesla 10.25'' screen, all the information on the original car's central control screen automatically synchronizes in milliseconds. It reads and displays car data, such as vehicle speed, gear, electricity, light status, door information, safety distance, speed limit warnings, and tire pressure abnormalities. Switch between day mode and night mode effortlessly.

TESPLUS Tesla 10.25'' Head Up Display

TESPLUS Tesla 10.25'' Head Up Display

TESPLUS Tesla 10.25'' Head Up Display for Model 3/Y, HUD Dashboard Display Narrow Border IPS Touch Screen Compatible AMD/Intel, Support Wireless Carplay, Wireless/Wired Android Auto,OTA Upgrade

Approximate Price


Final Words

Tesla has always been at the forefront of pushing the limits of in-car technology. With a commitment to innovation, Tesla offers an unparalleled and effortlessly intuitive experience that is both convenient and user-friendly.  We have shown how modern experience and old habits can be combined ni our blog post. So go ahead, and embrace the joy of driving once just remember to prioritize safety and adhere to all traffic rules. See you later on our pages.

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