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Nothing Ear (a) Yellow color earbud

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July is always a hot month, and this applies to the weather and the many sales hosted by big retailers. For example, we recently mentioned the upcoming Prime Day and its date. Now, let's look at the hot offers from brands, and here’s one from the brand Nothing - Nothing Ear (a).

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Pros & Cons

Main Points

  • Seamless AI interaction with the Nothing Ear (a) headphones, featuring integrated ChatGPT functions for hands-free, voice-activated assistance via the Nothing X app.
  • Nothing Ear (a) headphones provide impressive battery life, with up to 9.5 hours of continuous listening and up to 42.5 hours with the case. They also feature active noise cancellation with four modes for optimal sound in any environment.
  • Nothing Ear (a) headphones have an uncommon yellow color design while standing out from conventional color options.


What makes it hot? Just look at the colors: besides the usual black and white, Nothing also offers yellow, which is typically used to depict very warm climates or settings, like deserts or tropical regions. Personally, this color reminds me of some TV shows (Fallout style) and classic games, but as they say—that’s just my perspective.

The manufacturer has focused on the design and color palette of the lineup, releasing two versions of wireless earbuds that support all modern modes, functions, and codecs: Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a). Yes, of course, there are certain differences in features between the two models, including battery life, equalizer settings, and more, but I will specifically focus on the Nothing Ear (a).

Nothing Ear (a) features a quite trendy design with partially transparent elements that reveal the internal components of the earbuds, akin to the design observed in Nothing's phones. The Nothing Ear (a) is available in three colors: black, white, and a striking yellow. The earbuds come with silicone tips in three sizes: S, M, and L, along with a charging cable and standard instructions.

Nothing Ear (a) color options image

The model includes a lightweight charging case with slim frames and minimal weight. Each Ear (a) earbud weighs 4.8 g (0.17 oz), and the charging case weighs 39.6 g (1.4 oz). Dimensions are as follows - Earbud: 30.9 mm x 21.7 mm x 24.3 mm (1.22 in x 0.85 in x 0.96 in); Case: 47.6 mm x 63.3 mm x 22.7 mm (1.87 in x 2.49 in x 0.89 in).


The Nothing Ear (a) headphones come equipped with active noise cancellation and offer four noise-canceling modes (high, medium, low, and adaptive) ranging from 15 dB to 45 dB. These headphones automatically detect noise leakage between the earphone and ear canal and adjust the noise cancellation accordingly, ensuring optimal performance. This process occurs each time the earphones are inserted, allowing a seamless transition from a quiet room to a bustling street without hearing external noise, except for the audio being played.

Nothing Ear (a) features one

Furthermore, the headphones feature compact 11-mm dynamic drivers that deliver deep bass, an excellent attribute for modern TWS headphones. The additional space allows sound waves to oscillate more freely. Two new ventilation ports improve airflow inside the headphones, reducing distortion and enhancing sound clarity.

The headphones support low latency mode, LDAC, AAC, and SBC codecs, and are equipped with Bluetooth 5.3. A notable feature of these headphones is their integration of ChatGPT functions. Nothing announced that users can activate the chatbot via a pinch gesture on the headphones, with responses available through the Nothing X app.


The Nothing Ear (a) headphones offer robust protection against dust and water, meeting the IP54 standard. Additionally, the Ear (a) charging case is rated IPX2.

Nothin Ear (a) feature image two

Battery Life

The Nothing Ear (a) headphones can function independently for up to 9.5 hours of listening without recharging and up to 42.5 hours with additional charges from the case. Notably, the more expensive version of the Nothing Ear offers slightly less listening time, but the case includes the added benefit of wireless charging support.


The Nothing Ear (a) can be configured through the intuitive Nothing X proprietary app, allowing users to manage the equalizer and various modes, including bass enhancement. Additionally, the Nothing Ear (a) supports customization of gestures such as double-tap, triple-tap, long-press, and double-tap with long-press. These functions, accessible via the Nothing X app, include volume adjustment, voice assistant activation, and noise cancellation mode switching. The app's comprehensive feature list includes:

  • Custom EQ
  • Bass Enhance algorithm
  • Customizable controls
  • Find My Earbuds
  • Low Lag Mode
  • Dual Connection
  • Ear tips fit test
  • Firmware updates
Nothing Ear (a) features image three


Specs Details
Weight Earbud: 4.8 g, Case: 39.6 g
Dimensions Earbud: 30.9mm x 21.7mm x 24.3mm, Case: 47.6mm x 63.3mm x 22.7mm
Colors Black, White, Yellow
Noise Cancellation Active, with four modes (15 dB to 45 dB)
Audio 11-mm dynamic drivers, Two ventilation ports for improved sound clarity
Codecs LDAC, AAC, and SBC
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.3
Protection Earbuds: IP54, Charging Case: IPX2
Battery Up to 9.5 hours (earbuds), Up to 42.5 hours (with case)
Other Features Low latency mode, Dual connection support
Smart Features ChatGPT integration, Nothing X app
Package Contents Silicone tips (3 sizes: S, M, L), Charging cable, Instruction

Where To Buy

Nothing Ear (a) Wireless Earbuds product card

Nothing Ear (a) Wireless Earbuds

Nothing Ear (a) Wireless Earbuds with ChatGPT Integration, 45dB Hybrid Noise Cancelling Earbuds, Hi-Res Audio, Advanced Equaliser, Dual Connect,6 Mics, 42.5H Playtime Earbuds Wireless Bluetooth Yellow


Limited time deal

Pros & Cons


  • Sound quality with punchy bass
  • Stylish design and good functionality
  • Good noise cancellation performance


  • Poor noise cancellation compare to higher price earbuds
  • Lack of wireless case charging


In summary, Nothing Ear (a) Wireless Earbuds offer a range of features that cater to tech-savvy users, including an ANC system, hi-res audio support, an advanced equalizer for sound customization, and a dual connect feature for seamless pairing with multiple devices, and 42.5-hour playtime expected. The integration with ChatGPT is a standout feature, enabling interaction with the AI assistant for tasks like getting directions or recommendations. However, despite its practicality, TheGeekyThings editors see it as more of a fun novelty. Honestly, I've seen reviews saying the ANC performance isn't as great as the Sony WF-1000XM5, but hey, the Sony costs three times more. Not to mention the attractive color options—yellow being a standout. This is why I consider the Nothing Ear (a) the hottest earbuds of the summer.

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