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Main character of Stellar Blade - Eve

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Photo: Shift Up

Perhaps the most anticipated game of this month is available is the graphic masterpiece Stellar Blade, an action-adventure game from the renowned Korean studio Shift Up, partnered with Sony Interactive Entertainment. The setting plunges you into a post-apocalyptic era, where Earth has been usurped by extraterrestrial invaders, the Nightibas. You enter the game as Eve, a brave protagonist set on a mission to liberate Earth from these alien forces.

Stellar Blade's gameplay uniquely combines third-person combat with a deep emphasis on understanding your enemy's moves and perfectly timed counterattacks. Notably, the game pioneers the innovative beta-caliber system, a special feature that levels up through successful blocks and evasions and can be wielded for unleashing potent attacks.

The game initially known as Project Eve in 2019 was originally planned for release on PS4/Xbox One consoles and PC. However, a September 2022 State of Play announcement revealed a change, indicating the game would be released exclusively for PlayStation 5.  From the March 29 Stellar Blade demo, available for download! Also known official launch date for PS 5 on April 26, 2024. According to the PlayStation Store pre-order page, the Deluxe version of Stellar Blade is in first place among pre-orders now. I think this will be the brightest game of this month.

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White box with the game Stellar Blade for PS5

Stellar Blade - PS 5

Stellar Blade - PlayStation 5