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Mario from paper in the cinema

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Photo: Nintendo

Embark on an epic adventure with Mario in an extraordinary paper universe, as he races against time to collect the Crystal Stars before the X-Nauts. This adventure welcomes you into a vibrant, paper-crafted world filled with surprises, creating an engaging narrative where everyone you meet has an unexpected story.

Leveling up Mario and mastering time-based attacks are pivotal, along with utilizing unique paper abilities such as folding into a plane or slipping through narrow spaces. Experience an eclectic array of characters, from the joyous Goombella to the resolute Koops who may seek your assistance or even join your party. Simultaneously, explore narratives of characters like Peach and Bowser, unfolding between Mario's chapters.

This remake, celebrating two decades since its original Nintendo GameCube™ launch, brings the game to your Nintendo Switch™ with stunning, revamped visuals and innovative features. Enjoy a fresh take on this beloved classic, made more accessible than ever. Available from May 23, 2024.

Card with Paper Mario Game box

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

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