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Democracy 4 game teaser

Photo: Positech Games

Democracy 4, the intricate political simulation game developed and published by Positech Games that captivated PC players since its release on January 13, 2022, is poised to broaden its reach with an upcoming launch on consoles.

Democracy 4: Console Edition is this great political simulation game where you get to be the leader of different countries. It's like you're in charge and can pick policies, and laws, and do stuff that'll make some parts of your country better, but might not please everyone. The big aim? Win your next election with what you do.

What is Democracy 4: Console Edition? 

As you begin your political career, you’ll have the option to take charge of one country from a selection of ten. These include the USA, UK, Japan, France, Canada, Australia, Spain, Germany, Italy, and South Korea.

So, you're stepping in with a pre-elected cabinet full of their own biases and opinions from the last leader. Now, it's on you to shape the future of your chosen country. Roll out new policies, fine-tune existing ones, respond to the latest events, and aim to win over the public in the polls. You've got years to craft your legacy – will you be remembered for getting re-elected or forgotten if it all ends in disappointment?

As the leader, you'll have to weigh in on hot-button issues that hit the headlines. Your responses can really sway public opinion, depending on how your government's been doing. As you start to leave your mark, you'll see people rallying behind you or disagreeing with your choices. Things could even get intense, with assassination attempts and other hurdles during your time in charge.

If you make it through your term, you'll need to layout what the future holds if you're re-elected. Will your promises be grounded, or will you say whatever it takes to win votes, especially if things aren't looking too hot?

Democracy 4: Console Edition brings the captivating gameplay of the PC version to consoles, reworked from scratch. Starting 5th June 2024, you'll get to lead your country of choice on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox. The game's up for pre-order and you can add it to your wishlist on PlayStation and Xbox right now, with the Nintendo Switch version coming soon for pre-orders and wishlists.

About Positech Games

Positech Games is a small indie game developer from the UK, focused on complex PC strategy games. The company was founded by ex-Lionhead and Elixir Programmer, Cliff Harris (Cliffski). Cliff started programming at age 11 on a Sinclair ZX81 computer with 1kb of RAM. Positech's first hit game was Democracy and other titles have included the very first auto-battler 'Gratuitous Space Battles', 'Gratuitous Tank Battles', and the car-factory simulation game 'Production Line'. Positech has also published titles by other indie developers including 'Shadowhand' and 'Big Pharma'.

The Democracy series of games are the first PC games to be built around a Neural Network that simulates thousands of virtual voters. Democracy is used all over the world in universities and colleges to teach politics and economics and was nominated for a BAFTA award. It's still the most complex political strategy game ever made.

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