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Blud game screenshot with main vampire hunter character

Photo: #BLUD screenshot

Players can dive into the supercharged 90s cartoon action of #BLUD by checking out the game on its official Steam page starting June 18, 2024.

In #BLUD, taking down zombies is just the norm at high school for Becky Brewster, the new girl and latest in a long line of spell-slinging vampire hunters. Dig into the town’s demonic problems via buzzing social media and snap selfies with the baddies to figure out how to beat them. Amp up your trusty field hockey stick for serious monster-bashing, and boost your magic skills with spellbooks and school gear. Hang out with a bunch of funny characters, master the art of slaying, and show those vampires they picked the wrong school to mess with at Carpentersville High!

Key Features

  • Take on the vampire crew: Dive into the delightfully creepy world of mutated creatures and vampire-zapped locals. Get ready for some intense, action-packed boss fights while you keep your town safe.
  • Explore your eerie town: Chase down the bad vibes in places like high school corridors, the local convenience store, and even the mall. Catch up on missions through town gossip and social media, tracking down the forces of darkness (and figuring out your weekend plans) with your smartphone in hand.
  • Find your crew: High school’s crazy fast, and it's even crazier when you're the new kid on the vampire hunting block. Hang out, help, and make friends with a bunch of unique and funny classmates as you navigate teenage life and the monster-hunting scene in #BLUD.
  • Power up your gear: Keep an eye out for cool upgrades for Becky’s awesome vampire-bashing field hockey stick. You’ll find neat add-ons like a grappling hook, shovel, and even an umbrella shield as things get tougher.
  • Solve spooky mysteries: Get to the bottom of the vampire mystery with old-school detective work and some new tricks. Decipher your family’s ancient grimoire and take monster selfies to figure out their weak spots (just watch out for those bites!).
  • A cartoon adventure with the undead: #BLUD comes alive thanks to Exit 73 Studios. They've got a knack for beautiful, traditional hand-drawn 2D art, animation, and creating games that capture the fun and flair of today’s cartoons.