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Scuf Envision Controller

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Experience an unparalleled level of control with a new-generation SCUF Gaming Controller for PC. Boasting 11 additional reprogrammable inputs, lightning-fast wireless functionality, and groundbreaking configuration software, it's the ultimate in efficiency and performance compared to typical PC controllers.

The Scuf Envision surpasses expectations with five fully customizable G-keys, granting effortless access to various PC shortcuts. Designed for precision, the tactile ABXY buttons and D-Pad offer crisp and responsive input so you can truly dominate your gaming sessions.

For advanced gamers, the SCUF Envision Pro Edition brings Adjustable Instant Triggers to the table, enabling you to swap between rapid-fire mouse clicks for FPS and comprehensive trigger options for RPG and racing-oriented games.
Furthermore, this exceptional controller comes equipped with two Side Action (SAX) buttons, presenting new opportunities for gaming configurations, as well as four built-in rear switches for enhanced response times and superior control.

SCUF Envision Images

Source: SCUFGaming

One feature of the SCUF Envision lies in its flawless compatibility with prominent PC customization software. This allows gamers to tune thumbstick and trigger response curves within the same interface they employ for their entire PC system. To top it off, the integrated RGB light strip can be synchronized with your existing gaming setup for a cohesive aesthetic experience.
SCUF Envision is now compatible with Windows 10 and 11 PCs. The SCUF Envision starts at $129.99, while the SCUF Envision Pro starts at $179.99.
If you're aiming to be the envy of your gaming community this gaming controller is for you.


SCUF ENVISION PRO Wireless product card


SCUF ENVISION PRO Wireless PC Only Gaming Controller - Five Remappable G-Keys - Remappable Back Paddles - Instant Triggers - ICUE Compatible - Steel Gray

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