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Bearbrick Audio portable bluetooth speakers colors

MEDICOM TOY has released its newest product, and it's not your ordinary bear toy. The BE@RBRICK AUDIO 400% is a speaker that stands 28cm tall and comes with moveable paws. Produced with the sound system designed by RINARO ISODYNAMICS from Ukraine, this speaker will produce audio that can be heard from 360 degrees. With its unique design and superior sound quality, its toy collectors and audiophiles would love to have it in their collections.

The BE@RBRICK AUDIO 400% also comes with movable paws, which make it look more playful and alive. The toy comes in three different finishes: transparent, black, and smoky. The toy's size, unique design, and color options make it a great addition to your home decor. Since it's a limited edition piece, it could be a valuable addition to your toy collection.

Its design is inspired by the bear toys that MEDICOM TOY is popular for. These toys feature bear characters, which became popular collectible items.

The BE@RBRICK AUDIO 400% is not just an ordinary toy for display. With its sound system's advanced technology, it is also built to provide an immersive sound experience. Whether you're throwing a party or just want to enjoy music at home, the BE@RBRICK AUDIO 400% speaker is a great advantage.

Dropping November 2023 in 3 limited designs: Clear, Smoke, and Black. Only the waiting list is available now. More on Bearbrick Audio