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A Twisted Path To Renown game. teaser with logo

Photo: Game Labs Inc.

Game Labs, the Kyiv-based indie game studio known for the acclaimed "Ultimate Admiral", "Ultimate General" series, and "This is my Land," bringing the old West to life with "A Twisted Path to Renown" which will be dropping in early access via STEAM on June 6! This community-driven MMO mixes PvEvP extraction-based first-person shooting with immersive survival mechanics, all set in the fascinating world of the 1899 United States. Every choice you make will shape your journey to fame. Ready to dive in?

What is "A Twisted Path to Renown"?

The game's setting is meticulously crafted for historical authenticity, featuring period-accurate weapons and detailed environmental effects like gun smoke. Crafting is a key feature, with the Workshop area allowing players to create and customize diverse items, from simple tools to complex weapons. Character selection is essential, with the Recruitment module offering various characters, each with unique skills and stories. Survival elements add layers of complexity, requiring players to manage hunger, intoxication, and pain, with the permanent loss of a character upon death intensifying the gravity of every decision. Intricate hunting mechanics and a player-driven economy enhance the survival challenge, while unpredictable AI encounters keep missions consistently engaging. Enhanced player interactions and advanced audio design further contribute to the immersive experience. A vibrant community fosters camaraderie and competition, making each playthrough a unique and captivating adventure.

Several wagons from the 19th century in the field

More features:

  1. Guns replicating real-world physics and mechanics of historical firearms.
  2. Detailed survival elements require players to manage hydration, rest, and hunger.
  3. Emphasis on gathering resources through combat and trade for crafting.
  4. Period-accurate attire contributing to the immersive setting.

Check out the official game webpage for more news on "A Twisted Path to Renown".

About Game Labs

Game Labs is an independent game development studio based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Founded in 2013 by a team of passionate game developers, Game Labs has garnered acclaim for its historically rich strategy games, including Ultimate General Gettysburg and the Age of Sail. Committed to innovation and quality, Game Labs continues to push the boundaries of gaming by creating unique, immersive experiences that engage and inspire players worldwide.