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Tchia: Adventures in The Heart of New Caledonia keyart teaser

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Photo: Awaceb

Hey, have you had a chance to dive into Tchia? It's this awesome tropical adventure game that's all about the vibes of New Caledonia. You get to do fun stuff like climb, slide, swim, and float across an epic archipelago. Plus, you can literally take over any animal or object you bump into, which is totally wild. And guess what? You can play the ukulele in the game, which tunes up the vibe of your adventures. It dropped in March 2023 and has been popping up on new platforms like PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC through the Epic Games Store, and just landed on Steam. Next, it's hitting the Switch.

According to developers Awaceb and publishers Kepler Interactive, it is already over 1.4 million players around the globe are hooked on Tchia. Now, there's this gear bonus system, some stylish new cosmetic items, and fresh soul tunes that let you do wild stuff like magic up food or zip around in a speedboat. Pre-order Tchia and its new features now, and keep an eye out for the physical Nintendo Switch copy dropping on June 27.

About Awaceb: 

Awaceb is a small studio based in Montreal, Canada. Founded in 2016, the studio’s first game was Fossil Echo, a story-driven 2D platformer. Tchia, Awaceb’s latest title, is a love letter to New Caledonia, the home of the studio’s two co-founders.  

About Kepler Interactive: 

Kepler Interactive is the first global publisher co-owned and run by creators. Launched in 2021 and led by the founders of Kowloon Nights, Kepler nurtures creativity through collaboration with each of its founding studio partners having a stake in the business and a leadership role in strategic decision-making, whilst retaining total artistic independence. Following the successful launches of Ebb Software’s, Scorn, and Sloclap’s two million selling and critically acclaimed, Sifu, Kepler’s studio partners are as varied as they are talented, including A44 Games (Ashen, Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn) in New Zealand, Alpha Channel and Awaceb (Tchia) in Canada, and Timberline (The Red Lantern) in North America and Shapefarm in Asia. Kepler Interactive is headquartered in London. Learn more

Tchia Oléti Edition NSW product card

Tchia Oléti Edition NSW

Tchia Oléti Edition Nintendo Switch. 

Will be released on June 27, 2024