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Squirrel with a gun and agents keyart

Credits: Maximum Entertainment

Squirrel with a Gun, an action shooter from Dee Dee Creations and Maximum Entertainment, will be available on platforms: PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. The PC version launches on August 29, with console versions scheduled for release in fall 2024.

About Squirrel with a Gun

Squirrel, meet gun. As the neighborhood’s most troublesome rodent, develop a knack (and perhaps an affinity?) for crime and mayhem in pursuit of golden acorns in this distinctive sandbox shooter and puzzle platformer. Fight tooth, claw, and gun to escape a clandestine underground facility and overcome the Agents.

In Squirrel with a Gun, you begin as a mere rodent with a dream. However, once armed with one of the many firearms that squirrels so frequently encounter in nature, you’ll use your weapon to confront the agents pursuing you. Despite your small stature, you have the potential to cause significant disruption.

This squirrel is equipped with more than one strategy. Need to make a quick escape? Fire your weapon and use the recoil to propel yourself to safety. With seven different firearms to collect, RC cars to commandeer, and chaos to instigate, the world is your acorn in Squirrel with a Gun. Cause disorder, forage for nuts, interrupt picnics, steal cake, and more to prove you’re a rodent not to be underestimated.

Squirrel on the Agents' leg

Key Features

Fight Tooth, Claw, and Gun — Discover what an erratic squirrel is capable of with a gun in its paws (or just its paws) and how far this fuzzy fiend will go to collect its acorns. Escape a secret underground facility and defeat the Agents. Upgrade your weapons and locate the other secret bunkers to take down elite bosses; even blow up a tank! Swap out weapons to try your paw at all 12 types of enemy takedowns.

Solve Intricate Puzzle Rooms to Collect Golden Acorns — Navigate unique puzzle challenges to collect all the golden acorns by getting creative with how you use your arsenal of weapons, using weapon recoil to give yourself a boost. Collect enough golden acorns to unlock hidden sections of the game.

Have Some Nutty Sandbox Fun — Explore the world from a squirrel’s eye view or cruise around in your toy car. Harass the neighborhood or ask for nice pets from curious passersby. Help them out in exchange for goodies (or simply mug them) and unlock cosmetics to create your squirrely style.

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Squirrel gun from the SWAG game

About Maximum Entertainment

Maximum Entertainment is a global entertainment company dedicated to crafting indie to AA video game experiences through original content and licensed partnerships. A fully integrated group with a broad portfolio of content, the company emphasizes collaboration and inclusivity in its partnerships to produce the highest level of interactive entertainment. With more than 300 titles in its catalog, Maximum Entertainment has joined forces with talented creators and renowned franchises around the globe to deliver magic to the gamer in everyone. Maximum Entertainment employs experienced professionals across the entire value chain of video games including development, publishing, transmedia, sales, and operations.

About Dee Dee Creations

Dee Dee Creations is a brand-new studio located in New York. They're a small team of highly dedicated developers with a burning passion for gaming. Using the Unreal Engine and a suite of computer graphics programs, they bring their visions to life.