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Smart Lock teaser with Shlaghe lock image

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Welcome back to TheGeekyThing's ongoing series on Smart House devices! Today, we're focusing on the pick of perfect smart locks 2024. If you appreciated our earlier posts about Outdoor Security Cameras, Smart Doorbells, and Robot Vacuum Cleaners, I hope this post will be useful to you when choosing your new smart door lock.

What Is Smart Lock?

Smart locks are advanced security devices that offer a higher level of convenience and protection for your home. They replace traditional locks, eliminating the need for keys. Benefits include remote access, visitor logs, and the ability to grant or deny entry from anywhere. Unlocking methods vary: some use fingerprints or keypads, while others use smartphone apps or even voice commands. These features provide robust security while simplifying access, making smart locks an essential component of any modern smart home setup.

Smart locks also differ in their method of connection (e.g., Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-wave), integration capabilities with other smart home devices and apps, their grade/level from BHMA/ANSI classification, and the complexity of their installation process.

List Of Reputed Smart Locks

Teeho Fingerprint Smart Lock

Teeho Te002 lock ansi grade 3

TE002 Digital Fingerprint Keypad Deadbolt by Teeho is an easy-to-use smart lock designed to protect your home. This is a simplified solution for those who are tired of metal keys. This weatherproof lock offers two access methods: a digital PIN code and fingerprint recognition. The lock has a metal structure, a numeric keypad, a fingerprint scanner, and a backup keyhole. Despite its advanced features, its installation process is simple and user-friendly, requiring only basic tools. (See Teeho TE002 Install Manual)

All Teeho operations are controlled directly on the device, including setting passcodes, managing fingerprints, and changing sound notifications. In addition, the auto-lock feature can be configured to automatically secure the door after a set time. One-time PIN code feature, access for up to 20 family members with unique codes and fingerprints. A traditional metal key is provided as a spare. The unit reviewed has a matte black finish, but this model is also available in oil-rubbed bronze and satin nickel. Teeho lock has an ANSI Grade 3, which is pretty basic security, but it's suitable for residential use.

Among the benefits, I would include a relatively $70 price for locks with the ability to open with fingerprints. Subjective disadvantages - I would still like to have an app so that I don't have to type a one-time PIN code every time if critical. Today, this lock takes the position of Simple Better among smart locks in 2024.

teeho te002 card

TEEHO TE002 Fingerprint Door Lock

Unlock Methods: Fingerprint (0.3sec), code, key.
Features: One-time code, auto-lock, IP54 waterproof, low power consumption (AA battery), up to 20 family members.


Best Price

Eufy Smart Lock

eufy C210 ANSI Grade 3

Eufy WiFi Smart Lock is a reliable, technological solution for the security of your home. It offers five unlocking options – WiFi, Bluetooth, Eufy app, voice command, and physical key. I will immediately warn you that it is better to safely hide additional keys away after you become the owner of this device because you will not be able to make a copy of them. It also has a USB Type-C port for emergency power if you forget to replace the batteries, and is BHMA/ANSI Grade 3 certified with up to 100,000 lock/unlock cycles. A big plus is the IPX3 waterproof rating.

Quite easy to install (see user manual) on different door sizes, the package contains all the necessary components. Remotely control the lock with the app, set the sound of the lock, automatically lock the door, and receive notifications of lock/unlock events. For easy access, guests in this castle can be given temporary passwords through the app, and it is also convenient to manage events, access permissions, and access codes, this is also a plus.

Separately, I will say that some customers have complained that the batteries do not last the claimed 4 months, but the rate of discharge depends on the model of use of the smart lock. App control improves it from the previous lock, but compatibility with third-party apps is limited, and it will not yet work with Eufy HomeBase, IFTTT, HomeKit, and Matter

Eufy C210 cSmart lock card

eufy Security Smart Lock C210

Compatibility: Eufy Security app/Alexa/Google Assistant
Control: Anywhere with Built-in Wi-Fi
5 Ways to Unlock: App, Voice, Apple Watch, code, key



August Home Wi-Fi Smart Lock

August Smart Lock on the front door inside

This lock has been on my door now, and it performs all the functions I need. August Wi-Fi 4th Gen Smart Lock is highly compatible, working seamlessly with major smart home platforms such as Amazon, Google, and Apple HomeKit. It is compatible with improving my current deadbolt because I have no need (and no opportunity) to replace it, and this is renter-friendly, allows the use of original keys, and is great because of its easy installation and offering for a price of just about $150.

This smart lock is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling it to integrate with a wide array of other smart home devices. I can remotely lock or unlock the door, check the status of the door, share virtual guest keys, and find out who comes and leaves the house. And I can use a voice to control the lock. The response is as fast as I need it. Also, with the August app, it is possible to quickly share permanent or temporary access with people you trust from anywhere. The simple installation process takes a mere 15 minutes, and about 30 minutes to set up the app.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is for those, who do not have the ability or desire to change the deadbolt of the lock but need to make using the front doors quick and convenient. To disadvantage is it must be said that the batteries have to be changed almost every 4-6 weeks, so it is better to stock up on them right away.

Editors Choice
August Home Wi-Fi Smart Lock Card

August Home Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Installation: Install on any door over most single-cylinder deadbolts.
Pair: Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings.
August app: sharing permanent, scheduled, or temporary access without key copying.

Editors Choice

Kwikset Halo Touchscreen

Kwikset Halo Compatibility image

The level of quality and security rises with the Kwikset Halo smart lock. The compact yet durable smart lock equips your home with a modern touchscreen for keyless entry. The smart lock has a sleek design with a large touchscreen on top, supporting up to 250 different codes for access, ideal for scenarios like house cleaning or Airbnb guests. No hub is required for operation, distinguishing it from other smart locks that often require additional hubs. Wi-Fi connectivity allows control and notifications through a smartphone app, even without a subscription. The installation process is explained in detailed instructions.

Additional security and convenience features - this smart lock offers a Smart Key system, allowing users to re-key it without professional assistance in case of emergencies. The touchscreen input method has a unique feature, allowing users to enter any random sequence as long as the last digits are a valid PIN, enhancing security against potential fingerprint analysis.

BHMA/ANSI AAA certified, meaning you can trust it and it's reliable. There are also complaints about the battery's lifetime and the incorrect operation of the application. I was a little surprised when I read about the opening/closing loud noise, but again, that's subjective.

Kwikset Halo Touchscreen card

Kwikset Halo Touchscreen

Compatibility: Works with Google Home and Alexa 
Connectivity: Wi-Fi
Design: Sleek and Stylish



Yale Assure Lock 2

Yale assure lock 2 kit

This smart lock with Wi-Fi, a smart touch screen lock that offers several methods to unlock the door, such as a keypad, voice assistant, automatic unlocking, and an app on your smartphone or Apple Watch. The added auto-lock function ensures that the door automatically locks when it is closed, increasing the security of your home. Two-factor authentication, biometric verification, and matte keyboards further strengthen its reliability. Clear instructions on the official website help to set up Yale lock.

Yale Assure Lock 2 is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri voice assistants, allowing hands-free control of the lock. Built-in Wi-Fi in the lock allows you to confirm the status of the door and receive notifications regardless of your location.

Most users praise the Yale Assure Lock 2 for its look and design, and expectedly for its keyless convenience. Connection problems were also noticed, sometimes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but in general, this does not affect the overall positive attitude towards the device. Battery life has also been highlighted as an issue, with frequent battery drains reported.

Yale Assure Lock 2 card

Yale Assure Lock 2

Key-free access using keypad, voice assistant, Auto-Unlock, and the Yale Access App
Compatibility with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri, integration with Apple Home



Schlage Encode Plus

Schlage Lock interior image

We continue our journey to a world where there is no need to search for keys and front door security is enhanced by technology. Schlage Encode Plus is designed to improve home security and is equipped with high-quality security features, including an alarm mode and a built-in touch screen for access control. Schlage Encode Plus supports HomeKit, Amazon, and Google Assistants with two style options. Installation involves removing the old lock, installing a bolt, and connecting the touchscreen. As with all smart locks, great attention should be paid to centering during installation.

The lock is marketed as a Wi-Fi lock but also supports Bluetooth for unlocking the door with a smartphone. A variety of ways to lock and unlock the door, including a regular key, keypad, express mode feature for unlocking with iPhone or Apple Watch, backlit buttons, audible feedback, and low battery indicator. But you need to understand that to configure several iPhones, you need to additionally configure Apple HomeKit. HomeKit integration also has features such as access control, creating access codes, and receiving notifications when doors are unlocked.

Let's move on to the pluses - the speed of installation takes only a few minutes. The speed and quiet operation of the lock, and the ability to set codes for guests are quite comfortable using the app. It is BHMA/ANSI certified, which guarantees its durability. However, some users have reported occasional connection issues. On the downside, it's on the higher end of the price spectrum, but for a smart lock of this caliber, it might be the right decision to spend $300+ on Schlage lock.

Schlage Encode Plus Deadbolt Smart Lock card

Schlage Encode Plus Deadbolt Smart Lock

Compatibility: Google Assistant and Alexa
BHMA/ANSI: Residential Standart AAA: Security, Durability, and Finish; 
Commercial Standart: Grade 1 (Highest level)



Level Lock+

I will close the list of reliable smart locks with this device, which, in my opinion, is underestimated by users and I hope that this will change over time. Level Lock+ Connect is a smart lock that is much smaller and more discreet than other smart locks. Level Lock+ Connect boasts multiple levels of access, offering protection and confidence even in the event of power outages or unstable Wi-Fi. In addition to its design and security features, Level Lock+ Connect is compatible with the most popular voice assistants, allowing you to lock and unlock your doors using Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit.

NFC lock technology allows access via your phone or a dedicated key fob, and Level Lock + Connect Wi-Fi provides sharing login codes with friends, family, and service providers. BHMA/ANSI certification is a testament to high standards of safety and durability, promising up to 250,000 cycles or 136 years of average use! I would like to check it out. 

However, some users have noted that the price may be a deterrent for those on a tight budget. However, some customers have expressed concerns about inconsistent performance, connectivity issues, and less-than-desirable speed.

Level lock plus card

Level Lock+ Connect Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Connection: Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth
Compatibility: Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit 
Security: BHMA/ANSI certified


Best Choice

Bottom Line

With versatile access control and remote operation, these modern solutions enhance any home. They suit homeowners and tenants with various installation options. Explore models now for an affordable upgrade that fits your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

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