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Credits: MADFINGER Games

MADFINGER Games, the developers of Gray Zone Warfare, which launched on April 30, 2024, in early access on Steam, said that in just its second day of early access, it sold 400,000 copies and is the #2 bestseller at the time of writing.


MADFINGER Games, is a globally recognized Czech independent game studio working on Gray Zone Warfare and known for award-winning titles such as Shadowgun and Dead Trigger.

Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare is a tactical first-person shooter (FPS) that invites players to join a private military company (PMC) and explore the ins and outs of a massive open-world multiplayer online (MMO) game. This game offers a dual game mode that combines Player vs. Environment (PvE) and Player vs. Environment vs. Player (PvEvP), creating a unique challenge for gamers craving cooperative and competitive gameplay.

Customize your firearm to align with your unique needs and playing style precisely. Through the strategic exchange, removal, or addition of an extensive array of parts, mounts, and accessories, you can significantly alter the behavior and performance of each weapon. This level of customization ensures that your firearm can be perfectly adapted to any given scenario. Furthermore, Gray Zone Warfare introduces an advanced health system that meticulously simulates the human anatomy, where each injury impacts the character's perception, combat effectiveness, and overall survival capability. 

Mixed Feedback

Since the launch of early access, which was announced only a day before the event, the game has received mixed reviews, with a particular emphasis on its performance. The game unfortunately has optimization issues and some players have experienced difficulty running the game smoothly on high-end PCs. Concerns about these technical hurdles have led to the community asking for patience, understanding that early access phases are often used to iron out such flaws based on player feedback.

Also, some players directly compared Escape From Tarkov and doubted the originality of Gray Zone. Despite these comparisons, Gray Zone Warfare has managed to attract a player base, thanks in part to those disillusioned with Tarkov's pricing and availability limitations, and players will likely move away from the negativity when the game launches in full. So, regarding the reviews - the developers of Gray Zone Warfare still have a lot of work to do, and there's a reason to do it because it's just a brilliant shooter with cinematic graphics.

Steam screenshot from GZW

Key Points on Faction Choosing:

One of the main problems discussed separately by players is that not everyone paid attention to such a moment as choosing a faction in the game, and this turned out to be important because you will not be able to play with your friends if you are in different factions. So, in order not to start over, think about which faction you will join.


Mithras bills itself as a PMC run by soldiers for soldiers, with minimal inquiries into an operator's motivations or past history. The only real bar to Mithras membership is a lack of field experience or military competence. It prides itself on only accepting the best and pays accordingly. The organization itself is inspired by the Roman Legion system, where the spoils of war were shared among the troops. From the highest-ranking officer to the lowest-ranking foot soldier, everyone gets a share of the wealth according to their status within the unit and their performance in the field.


Founded and funded by a tech billionaire specifically to deal with the situation in Lamang, LRI publicizes itself as a strictly philanthropic exercise to search for pockets of survivors in and around Ground Zero after the UNLRA abandoned the island. The armed section of the organization is composed of small, highly professional security details that (according to LRI’s carefully maintained and extremely costly PR campaign) accompany “rescue and clean-up teams” to protect them from some of the other, far less generous, factions operating in the area.


This Private Military Company gained notoriety during the early stages of the Syrian civil war. While they boast an impressive 95% success rate, some of their methods can be seen as somewhat questionable, often resulting in collateral damage. That said, no one can deny their effectiveness and cold-blooded approach to any job that needs to be done. This gung-ho nature attracts not just ex-military personnel but anyone with a lust for adventure and action. However, thanks to their strict elimination process, only the truly exceptional soldiers ever make it as far as to be deployed on actual combat missions.


It is clear that both the developers of Gray Zone Warfare and the gaming community are traveling together and improving this promising game. Let's hope that this time the "best" realistic tactical shooter will only please its fans.

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