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Netflix Games Cover image

Netflix recently launched a game controller app called "Netflix Game Controller" on the iOS App Store. The app allows users to connect their TV to games, although there are currently no compatible games available. According to the app's description, Netflix games can be played on a TV using the Game Controller app, which connects to the TV and allows you to play games using your phone or mobile device. When launching the app, users are prompted to select a game on the TV and follow the instructions provided to connect, but this feature is not yet active. The app's splash screen states that Netflix Games on TV is currently in beta and may not be supported on some devices. We don't know if the app will be available on Android. Netflix has been consistently releasing games for subscribers on mobile devices and some consoles, and now they are likely to explore the possibility of bringing these games to the big screen. Leanne Lombe, Netflix's vice president of external gaming, expressed the company's goal to make games available on all Netflix devices. In addition, it is reported that Netflix is working on a cloud gaming service that could allow playing Netflix games on TVs. There is no more information at this time, so we are just waiting.

Info from The Verge