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Cherry MX 3.0S Gaming keyboard in two colors on dirt yellow background

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Mechanical Wireless Keyboard with CHERRY MX Switches
CHERRY MX 3.0S Wireless Key Switch Types
CHERRY MX 3.0S Wireless Gaming Keyboard Features
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Feedback & Target Audience

Main Points

  • Cherry MX Switches, key components of mechanical keyboards since the 1980s, are renowned for their distinct feel and response. The MX switch family includes nearly fifteen variants, such as linear, tactile, clicky, and low-profile. Tops of MX switches - Red and Brown are featured in today's wireless mechanical keyboard.
  • The CHERRY MX 3.0S Wireless offers advanced wireless options (Bluetooth®, 2.4 GHz, or wired), customizable RGB backlighting, high-quality aluminum housing, abrasion-resistant key caps, smart charging technology, and precision Gold Crosspoint switches made in Germany.
  • The CHERRY MX 3.0S wireless mechanical keyboard caters to gamers, programmers, streamers, bloggers, crypto traders, and influencers. It blends a traditional feel with modern technology, making it a worthwhile investment for those who value quality and innovation.

While tech giants are achieving remarkable advancements and offering new experiences that extend device management beyond traditional methods—such as hand gestures or eye-tracking for navigation—physical key presses remain important. Tangible feedback and rapid action registration are crucial, especially in gaming. Mechanical keyboards, which have seen a resurgence in popularity over the past decade due to the growth of the gaming industry, fulfill these needs effectively. Nowadays, there is no universally accepted definition of a "mechanical keyboard," so we will consider any keyboard with independent keypress mechanisms as a mechanical keyboard.

Mechanical Wireless Keyboard with CHERRY MX Switches

Although the market for mechanical keyboards is quite diverse, one cannot avoid encountering CHERRY MX switches when choosing a mechanical keyboard. Four decades have passed since their invention, and hundreds of clones have been released; however, the switches from German CHERRY GmbH remain the most reliable components in the keyboards of more than 60 global manufacturers. Therefore, let us focus on the CHERRY MX 3.0S wireless mechanical keyboard. The first CHERRY MX 3.0S wireless mechanical keyboard (model G80-3872LYAUS-2 released last year) combines all the features we value: build quality, portability, practicality, and durability (additionally - RGB backlighting as a bonus).

Cherry MX 3.0S with woman's arm

CHERRY MX 3.0S Wireless Key Switch Types

Mechanical keyboards are loved for their distinct key switches, and CHERRY MX switches are among the most revered. It was created in the 1980s and its name comes from "Mechanical X-Point" or MX, which began a new chapter in the history of input peripheral devices. Today, the MX switch family consists of nearly fifteen options, including linear, tactile, clicky, and low-profile switches. Now we will look at the most popular and widespread switches - CHERRY MX Red and CHERRY MX Brown because the CHERRY MX 3.0S wireless mechanical keyboard offers black and white colors and comes specifically with these types of switches.

To understand how linear or tactile keyboard switches work, just take a look at the GIFs showcasing the linear MX Red and tactile MX Brown from CHERRY.



  • CHERRY MX Red: One of the most popular switches, particularly among linear switches, is the Red switch. Gamers favor them for their quick response time, while other users appreciate their smooth operation and quietness during pressing. Red switches are among the softest in the CHERRY lineup, making them an ideal choice for those who prefer a gentler touch on the keyboard. With an actuation force of 45g, they minimize strain on fingers and wrists.
  • CHERRY MX Brown: Among the most popular tactile switches, brown switches are ideal for users who find blue switches too loud but still desire to feel the actuation point under their fingers. They are equally suitable for active gaming and PC work. Owing to their versatility, brown switches are favored in the "my first mechanical keyboard" category. With an actuation force of 55g, they provide a comprehensive experience of the mechanical keyboard's appeal.
Cherry MX 3.0S white version on the desk

CHERRY MX 3.0S Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Key Features

  • Advanced Wireless Technology: Select from multiple connection modes—Bluetooth® for multi-device use, ultra-fast 2.4 GHz with a latency of less than 1 ms, or traditional wired connection.
  • RGB Lighting: Enjoy vibrant RGB illumination with over 16 million colors. Customize single-key lighting, and animated effects, or opt for a subtle monochrome look. Control these settings either directly from the keyboard or via the CHERRY UTILITY software.
  • Build Quality: The keyboard features a high-quality extruded aluminum housing for enhanced durability and stability. The abrasion-resistant key caps are either front-lasered or double-shot, depending on the model.
  • Intelligent Charging: Charge the keyboard while playing, thanks to smart charging technology that ensures uninterrupted gaming sessions.
  • CHERRY MX Switches: Equipped with Gold Crosspoint precision switches made in Germany, providing reliable and precise performance with over 100 million keystrokes per key.
CMX3.0S with deleted keycaps in dark-red light
CMX3.0S with detachable Type C cable

Design and Performance

The CHERRY MX 3.0S Wireless keyboard offers a stable design with its aluminum housing and rubber feet.

  • Full N-Key Rollover: Ensures all keys are read simultaneously, preventing missed inputs.
  • Anti-Ghosting: Avoids incorrect inputs for flawless gameplay.
  • WIN Key Lock: Prevents unintended Windows commands during intense gaming sessions but can be easily deactivated for other uses.
  • CHERRY Button: Provides instant access to software information and customization options via the CHERRY UTILITY software.

Flexible Connectivity

Choose between Bluetooth® mode to connect up to three devices, 2.4 GHz mode for minimal latency, or USB-A to USB-C wired connection for maximum speed. The special Low Latency Mode (LLM) ensures rapid responsiveness, making it ideal for competitive gaming.

CHERRY MX 3.0S additional features

Additional Information

  • Stylish RGB Lighting: Customize lighting with over 16 million colors. Set lighting options and color effects directly on the keyboard or through CHERRY UTILITY software.
  • Practical Features: The keyboard includes Full-N-Key Rollover, anti-ghosting, and a WIN key lock for a seamless gaming experience. The CHERRY button provides quick access to essential software functions.

Where To Buy

Cherry MX 3.0S Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard product card

Cherry MX 3.0S Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Cherry MX 3.0S Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Aluminum Housing Built for Gamers w/MX Brown or Red Switches. RGB Backlit Color Display Over 16m Colors. Black or White.



Some Feedback

Customers love the CHERRY MX 3.0S for its great build quality and responsive keys. Also mentioned perfect tactile response we need, and a fast wireless connection, excellent for gaming. Of course, some users did point out design flaws, like the keyboard's height and the default multimedia function keys. Doesn't matter, what these small issues are, the overall feedback is still absolutely positive.

Target Audience

In conclusion, we can say that the CHERRY MX 3.0S wireless mechanical keyboard has something to offer you if are a gamer. Or a programmer. Or a streamer. A blogger. A crypto trader. An influencer. 

In general, investing in a product that is backed by decades of innovation and quality is a responsible step, even if at first it seems to you that they are the unpopular manufacturers, you should know that CHERRY sold over 8 billion switches worldwide, so basically for each one on the Earth. So, they're about mixing the classic with modern tech too.

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