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Vacation Photos and tripods examples

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Before We Start

Best Tripods Links
ULANZI JJ02 With Remote
ATUMTEK Selfie Stick Tripod
ULANZI MT-44 Ball Head Camera Tripod
UBEESIZE 62'' Magnetic Phone Tripod
ULANZI SK-05 Magnetic Tripod

Vacation season is right around the corner, and you probably already have your destinations and flights lined up for this year. It's time to start packing and preparing. A well-planned vacation will create lasting memories. It's even better when those memories are captured with selfies, videos, and photos of beautiful locations or architectural marvels. That's why an essential accessory for any vacation is a selfie stick or tripod. Just to be clear - we're talking about one device here without naming names because today's focus is on finding the best of the most compact options.

Main questions when it comes to choosing a selfie stick tripod:

  • Which selfie stick should you choose to avoid carrying a huge stand that can support the weight of your phone?
  • Which monopod won't break and ruin your pleasant vacation expectations with the hassle of searching for a new one in souvenir shops?
  • What is the best selfie stick for an iPhone or other smartphone to bring along, ensuring you won't need to ask strangers to take your picture?

To help you choose the best selfie stick, we've compiled the top options in this post. We're confident that each one could be your best choice, depending on your needs. In this selection, you'll find a brief description of each selfie stick, as well as the pros and cons of these tech accessories, enabling you to make an informed decision with our assistance.

1. Ulanzi JJ02 With Remote

Looking for the perfect travel companion for your vacations? The Ulanzi JJ02 extendable grip phone tripod offers multifaceted functionality. It is perfect for any kind of filming, as it can serve as both a selfie stick and a smartphone tripod, enhancing shooting stability for vlogs, live streaming, and everyday use. The Bluetooth remote control with a status indicator allows for convenient remote shooting. Its compact size makes it portable and easy to carry, fitting comfortably in your hand or bag pocket. With adjustable height and tilt angles, including a 360° rotating phone mount with two mounts for lights and microphones, it ensures optimal framing and versatility in any shooting conditions. Compatible with most modern smartphones, it provides a reliable grip and stability for shooting photos and videos. Perfect for capturing those unforgettable moments on your trip!

Ulanzy JJ02 selfie stick features versality


  • Material: plastic, aluminum, silicone;
  • Weight: 116g;
  • 3 Modes: Phone Grip/Selfie Stick/Desk Tripod
  • Dimensions: 4.1 x 2.2 x 1.2 in;
  • Folded size: 4.1 in;
  • Adjustable height (unexpanded): 7.9-15.2 in;
  • Adjustable height (expanded): 8.7-14.4 in;
  • Phone clamp width: 2.4-3.3 in;
  • Load capacity: 500g;
  • Battery: CR1225/3.0V/48mAh;
  • Control distance: ≥33ft;
  • Compatibility: iOS, Android.


  • Sturdy construction and high-quality materials.
  • Bluetooth remote.
  • Portable and compact.
  • Adjustable height and angles.
  • Wide compatibility with smartphones for secure holding.
  • Affordable price.


  • Not suitable for large devices.
ULANZI JJ02 3 in 1 product card

ULANZI JJ02 3 in 1

Phone Tripod Mini with Remote - ULANZI JJ02 3 in 1 Cell Phone Selfie Stick Tripod 4 Sections Extendable Foldable Pocket Size 2 Cold Shoe Mount 360° Rotation 10m Remote Control for iPhone Smartphone



2. ATUMTEK Selfie Stick Tripod 3 in 1

One more simple and precise travel accessory for your vacations. The ATUMTEK Selfie Stick is a game-changer! This integrated selfie stick and tripod stand are crafted from premium aluminum, ensuring stability and durability. The 270-degree rotatable phone holder lets you capture photos at the perfect angle, whether you're shooting in landscape or portrait mode. With a Bluetooth remote that works up to 33ft away and an impressive battery life capable of capturing up to 15,000 photos on a single charge, you'll never miss a shot. Plus, it's super lightweight and compact—only 7.7 inches when folded but can extend up to 31.3 inches. Whether you're snapping selfies, or group shots, or using it as a desktop phone holder, this versatile gadget is a must-have for any traveler! Ergonomic and convenient, it folds up compactly for easy storage and travel, and the textured handle provides a solid grip for long use.

Alumtek selfies different colors on the table


  • Material: Aluminum, Polycarbonate (PC).
  • Battery type: Rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Charging port: Micro USB, 5V/110mAh.
  • Battery capacity: 50mAh.
  • Remote range: Up to 33 feet.
  • Bluetooth compatibility: IOS 7.0, Android 5.0 and above.
  • Weight: 170 grams.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Suitable for iPhone and Android.
  • Bluetooth remote control.
  • Seven adjustable rods.
  • Stable and durable construction made of aluminum.
  • Ergonomic design with a reliable grip.
  • Folds compactly.


  • Not suitable for large devices.
ATUMTEK Selfie Stick Tripod product card

ATUMTEK Selfie Stick Tripod

ATUMTEK Selfie Stick Tripod, Extendable 3 in 1 Aluminum Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Wireless Remote and Tripod Stand for iPhone 13/13 Pro/12/11/11 Pro/XS Max/XS/XR/X/8/7, Samsung Smartphones



3. ULANZI MT-44 Extendable Phone Tripod

The ULANZI MT-44 tripod selfie stick for phones is super versatile with its adjustable clamp, fitting smartphones with screen sizes from 2.36 to 3.15 inches for maximum camera stability thanks to the 1/4-inch screw thread. Featuring a 360° rotating universal ball head, it easily switches between horizontal and vertical shots, locking in the perfect angle with a quick handle adjustment. Its 7-section tripod extends from a compact 13.4 in to 59 in. Plus, the cold shoe and 1/4″ thread let you add extras like microphones and LED video lights, offering tons of shooting options. Compatible with a wide range of devices, from Nikon and Canon DSLRs to popular smartphones like the iPhone 15 and Samsung models.

Ulanzy MT 44 features


  • Material: plastic, aluminum
  • Suitable for smartphones, compact cameras, GoPro, and other action cameras, accessories with 1/4″ screw hole and cold shoe mount
  • Smartphone width: 2.36-3.54 in
  • Minimum tripod working height: 12.8 in
  • Maximum tripod working height: 63 in
  • Dimensions: 13.2 x 2.9 x 2.2 in
  • Weight: 397 grams


  • Features a 1/4″ screw thread mechanism.
  • Universal ball head that rotates 360°.
  • Convenient handle that adjusts and locks the perfect angle effortlessly.
  • Made with a 7-section ABS tripod.
  • Cold shoe mount and 1/4″ thread allow for connection of peripheral devices.
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Broad compatibility with Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Sony, iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei devices weighing up to 1.5 kg


  • Cold shoe mounts might not securely hold some devices during movement.
ULANZI MT-44 Ball Head Camera Tripod product card

ULANZI MT-44 Ball Head Camera Tripod

ULANZI MT-44 Extendable Phone Tripod, 59" Selfie Stick Phone Vlog Tripod Stand with 2 in 1 Phone Clip, 360° Ball Head Camera Tripod for iPhone Sony Canon GoPro, Lightweight for Travel


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4. UBeesize Magnetic Selfie Stick

Continuing our search for the perfect tripod for your adventures on this year's vacation, let's turn to magnetic devices. This selfie sticks with MagSafe and magnetic adhesion makes capturing amazing moments a breeze. It easily attaches to your phone with a simple touch and extends effortlessly. The tripod collapses to just 14 inches, fitting neatly into your bag for on-the-go convenience. Featuring an embedded wireless remote with advanced Bluetooth 5.0, it triggers your phone from up to 33 feet away, allowing you to snap professional-quality selfies without help. With 180° neck rotation and 360° head rotation, you can capture stunning photos from any angle. It seamlessly attaches to various iPhone models and MagSafe cases, and for non-magnetic models, it includes a silicone clip for added protection.

Ubeesize magnetic tripod


  • MagSafe & Magnetic Adhesion: Collapses to 14 inches
  • Wireless Remote: Bluetooth 5.0 up to 33 feet.
  • Rotation: 180° neck, 360° head
  • Compatibility: iPhone 15/14/13/12 and MagSafe cases
  • Auxiliary Silicone Clip: Included for non-magnetic models


  • High-quality materials
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Suitable for New iPhones and Android.
  • Bluetooth remote control.
  • Versatile angles


  • Inconvenient for some socials because no swivel in portrait mode
  • Bigger size when folds
UBeesize 62'' Magnetic Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote product card

UBeesize 62'' Magnetic Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote

UBeesize 62'' Magnetic Selfie Stick Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote, Extendable Cell Phone Tripod Stand, Compatible with MagSafe, Cellphone Tripod for iPhone 15 14 13 12 Series and Android Phones



5. ULANZI SK-05 Magnetic Tripod

This one offers greater rotation capability compared to previous models but comes at a slightly higher cost. The ULANZI magnetic phone tripod helps you capture all vacation memories. This versatile gadget allows you to take high-quality photos, videos, and vlogs effortlessly, making it ideal for outdoor activities and travel. Say goodbye to blurry photos and untrustworthy tripods/selfie sticks, and embrace your photography potential. Installation is a breeze with one-touch attachment and quick unlock features. It extends up to 62", ensuring you never miss a shot. The stretchy clamp includes two 1/4 openings for mounting LED lights and microphones, making it perfect for live broadcasts, video calls, and speeches. The Bluetooth remote control works up to 33 feet away, supporting iOS and Android devices. Compact and portable, it fits easily into any bag, ready for any adventure.

Ulanzi SK-05 magnetic


  • Material: Aluminum + ABS + PC + stainless steel
  • Compatibility: MagSafe, iPhone 14, 13, 12, and all phones
  • Extendable Length: 62.99"
  • Features: Wireless remote, one-touch attachment, easy extension
  • Additional Features: Stretchy clamp with 1/4 openings for accessories,
  • Bluetooth connection, hands-free operation
  • Portability: Compact and lightweight design
  • Accessories: Metal ring for non-MagSafe phones, compatible with cameras
  • No app downloads required


  • Convenient clamping mechanisms.
  • Compatible with MagSafe technology.
  • Provides precise adjustment with 360° rotation and 180° positioning.
  • High-quality materials ensure durability and reliability.


  • Higher price.
ULANZI SK-05 Magnetic product card

ULANZI SK-05 Magnetic

ULANZI Magnetic Cell Phone Tripod, Compatible with MagSafe, SK-05 Phone Tripod 62.99" Extendable Magnetic Selfie Stick Tripod Stand with Wireless Remote, Tripod for iPhone 14 13 12 & All Phones



Bottom Line

Now you know the best tripods for iPhones and other phones in 2024, so you can confidently pick the right one for your vacation. A good selfie stick ensures every travel shot is perfect, and the build quality won't let you down. Share your selfies with friends and recommend our list of vacation selfie sticks!

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